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The Chemcrown Group was established by our Honourable Chairman, Shri B.D. Bhaiya in 1961. We started off in the leather chemicals industry where we quickly gained repute as a supplier of high-quality finishing chemicals. Being a family-owned enterprise, we became trusted partners of many multinational corporations because of our focus on ethical business practices. Today, C&E Limited is the largest Indian leather chemical manufacturer. 
We soon adopted our vision of creating a "Composite Group with Exceptional Solutions" and thus began our journey of diversification. As our expertise in solemaking began to get international recognition, we started Suolificio Linea Italia, an Italian Joint Venture which in 15 years has become India's largest premium sole manufacturer. 

We soon forayed into the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, textiles, speciality chemicals, full-shoes, moulds, medical footwear and real estate. Today, we are exporting our products to 60+ countries in 4 continents. We have 600+ extremely committed people working in our offices in Asia, Africa and Europe. Even with this breakneck speed of growth, we have maintained our USP of consistently delivering products of excellence on-time every time. All of this has been possible because our team is fired by a desire to build an organization which lasts beyond generations.  


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